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Gelpro is a line of collagen and animal proteins designed to replace meat raw materials in the production of various food products. They are used in the production of semi-finished products, sausages and some types of dairy and confectionery products.
Products of the Gelpro line are highly effective functional additives for modern industries. With the highest quality, these products have earned the trust of leading professional technologists.
The entire production process - from the receipt of raw materials to the final packaging - we carefully control at all stages. The characteristics of the final product are monitored by the laboratory in each batch and batch, which ensures that all declared requirements are met after the goods are released from the warehouse.

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Profi Aroma is a line of flavors responsible for the formation of the taste and aroma of finished products, as well as its preservation for a long time.

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Biostandard  Fiber is natural dietary fiber and fiber from wheat, bamboo and cane raw materials.
Such dietary fibers are used in the production of sausages and semi-finished products, as well as for the manufacture of curd products and confectionery fillings. Their fat
  and moisture-binding capacity - the main functional property - allows you to reduce the cost of the product at the output and provides the ability to make a partial replacement of the main raw material. Another important feature of fiber is to bind whey proteins, while increasing the overall nutritional value, which is especially important in the production of cottage cheese. 

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Profi Mix are functional mixtures consisting of dietary fibers, hydrocolloids, starches and acidity regulators to increase the density and improve the structure of the finished product. Also, Profi Mix mixtures can be used as stabilizers and thickeners in the production of frozen blocks from mechanically deboned poultry meat or semi-finished fish products.

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Profi Color is a line of natural dyes with a stable, predetermined content of the main coloring matter.

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