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Semi-finished products

In the last few years, the production of meat and meat-containing pre-prepared products has demonstrated the highest dynamic growth among all segments of the meat processing industry. It happens because of high consumer demand, which is formed due to the wide variety of products in this category and convenience of use. We have developed optimal technologies and recipes for frozen and chilled pre-prepared products, canned food (cuts, ham and pâtés). For each group of products, we offer solutions to improve the taste and flavor characteristics, color, texture and consistency of the product. Obviously for manufacturers of pre-prepared products the cost reduction is one of the key factors. To reduce production costs without significant loss in the quality of the finished product is the main task of our developments. The special place in the product line of ingredients have blends with Clean label. It means that these blends contain the food ingredients without E-codes, that allow to make the product label more attractive for the customer.

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