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Gelpro A

Animal proteins

Functional animal proteins of our own production Gelpro A are intended for various types of food products. Due to the stable high quality, Gelpro proteins have earned the trust of leading food technologists and are used in the manufacture of pre-prepared products, sausages, as well as some types of dairy and confectionery products. Gelpro beef proteins are produced according to Halal requirements.

The entire production process - from the purchasing of raw materials to the final packaging - we carefully control at all its stages. The characteristics of the final product are monitored by the laboratory in each batch and sub-batch, which guarantee compliance with all quality standards after the release of goods from the warehouse.

Gelpro AB – beef proteins

Gelpro AP – pork proteins

Gelpro AE – egg proteins

Gelpro S

Soy protein

Gelpro S soy protein products have high emulsifying, water-binding and gel-forming properties. Gelpro S are intended for partial replacement of the main meat raw materials in sausages, pre-prepared products, as well as for the injection of whole muscles meat products. Soybean isolated products can be used in the dairy industry. In addition to high functional properties, Gelpro soy proteins have a neutral taste, which allows to get a product of stable quality even with a high level of meat raw material substitutions. Gelpro soy proteins do not contain genetically modified sources of raw materials, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates.

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Textured proteins

Textured soy proteins Biostandart Tex are textured soy flour and concentrates of own production, with a protein content of at least 50% and 70%, respectively. Textured soy proteins are used in the manufacture of chilled pre-prepared products - cutlets, minced meat, ravioli, canned food, burgers. Biostandart Tex are used both to reduce costs while maintaining quality and texture, and to create new types of products, for example, alternative to meat.

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