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Poultry processing

The production of ingredients for poultry processing is one of the most important area of work for the Professional Biotechnologies company. The poultry industry works in a saturated and diverse market, and this situation forces producers to find the efficient ways to use of raw materials. Corresponding to actual market trends, improving consumer characteristics of products and at the same time reducing costs are the primery objectives for our specialists of the Research and development department.

Our product line for this segment helps to improve taste characteristics, to reach the desired color and organoleptic properties, to guarantee   fixed shelf life for any group of poultry products: sausages, ham, pastes and  delicatessen, chilled and frozen half-finished (pre-prepared) products, half-finished (pre-prepared) products in sauces and marinades and other types of products. According to consumer preference, growth of popularity of healthy food products, we have developed a line of eco-ingredients and soy-free ingredients that have the functionality of classic additives but are more attractive to customers who follow healthy eating trends and take care of the naturalness of products.

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