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About us

   Innovative company "Professional Biotechnologies" is engaged in the creation, production and implementation of ingredients for the food industry. We have developed more than 1000 positions for meat, fish, dairy, confectionery and other industries.

     The company's philosophy is to create innovative products favorable for human health based on expert knowledge and creative approach, maximum use of natural ingredients and modern technologies.

        We are united by a common idea of continuous professional development. The focus on the client's tasks, the practical and scientific experience of our employees, our own modern production site allow us to constantly find new high-tech solutions.

     Our mission       adaptation of advanced biotechnologies to solve urgent problems of food industry enterprises, modeling and creation of products of the future.

         Our Goals:

  • Ensuring the stability of high quality and safety of manufactured products.

  • Maximum use of natural products and careful attitude to resources.

  • Continuous optimization of business processes to improve customer service and increase competitiveness.

  • Participation in scientific progress, development of applied biotechnologies, their adaptation to practical application at industry enterprises.

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