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Profi Taste

Taste Flavor Blends

Profi Taste is an assortment of more than 500 spicy-aromatic mixtures developed for various types of food products with traditional or original flavor profile. This group also includes flavoring blends for GOST certified products, fermented sausages with an Italian profile, dry and liquid marinades, decorative coatings, dry blends for making soups, broths, sauces, as well as bright tastes for snacks - chips and crackers.

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Profi Aroma


Fragrances Profi Aroma form the taste and flavor of the final product, and more over save it during the shelf life of the product.

The wide range of flavorings that is developed by the company’s flavorists will allow you to choose exactly the one that is suitable for your product.

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Profi Spice

Spice extracts

Profi Spice are natural oleoresin-based spice extracts and natural ground spices. Profi Spice extracts can be used in recipes instead of natural spices in 1: 1 ratio. Depending on the type of product and customer preferences, Profi Spice is produced on a carrier as salt, sugar or maltodextrin.

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