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Product Benefits


- Universal tomato base that does not require cooking. The dry format allows you to cook as much as you need.
- The finished sauce does not peel off, does not form a film when cooled.

- Withstands vacuuming.
- Retains structure after defrosting.

- Withstands high temperatures, pasteurization.
- Withstands the addition of alcohol.

- Suitable for cooking goulash, meatballs in Chakhokhbili tomato sauce, pasta sauce.

Product features

Shelf life

12 months

Net weight

Consumer packaging

Transport packaging

1000 g

20 kg

Bar code



Cooking method

150g. mix the mixture with 850 g of water (for a thicker sauce: 150 g of the mixture and 750 g of water) with a whisk or any other available method until a homogeneous consistency

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