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Product Benefits

- Stable output, regardless of the quality of raw materials.
- Thickens the texture, adds juiciness
- Reduces the tab of raw materials by 15%
- Roasting up to 10%
- All ingredients in 1 sachet.
- From 5.5 kg of raw materials with the addition of a mixture, the yield is 10 kg of minced meat.

Product features

Shelf life

12 months

Net weight

Consumer packaging

Transport packaging

1000 g

10 kg

Bar code



Cooking method

100g mix with 350 g of water, mix until smooth, add 550 g of raw meat  "homemade" (pork and beef), mix until smooth, then follow the standard procedure for preparing cutlets (forming, frying, bringing to culinary readiness in a combi steamer).

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